Badacsonyi, Sándor


He was born in 1949, Budapest. He graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in graphics. He applies various techniques: oil, watercolour, tempera on canvas, pastel and mixed crafts. His paintings and pictures have been exhibited in several galleries all over the world.

He is also familiar with etching and engraving processes and with mezzotint and aquatint techniques.

The themes of his pictures line up in a wide range of inspiring references to mythology, biblical stories, music, literature and history recalling the craft-skills of the renaissance and baroque masters at the same time.

The artist is considered to be surrealist or ’romantic surrealist’ by his critics.

His paintings of chess are particularly worth mentioning. Badacsonyi used to be an active chess player (winner of the Hungarian Championship in team twice, one individual victory, four times second- and once third-prize winner)

’ I had been playing chess for many years and I played an important role in the first class team of Tipografia when Tibor Barcza grandmaster was the Board 1 player and leading coach. I got to know some about chess and players and, unwillingly, I drew a parallel between these experiences and my profession. I learnt that the consequences of the steps on the chessboard cannot be withdrawn as the etchings are not erasable on the copper plate. And as a sketch which was drawn in advance on the canvas stretched on the easel does indicate the following movements as the position arranged on 64 squares dictates the next steps freely from the mugged up opening strategies’-he says.

(Európa Hírmagazin 1991/2 October – Article by Péter Szilágyi)




Egyéni kiállításai/ Individual exhibitions:


  1. Hamburg (Atelier Mensch)
  2. Salgótarján(Nógrádi Múzeum) (Museum of Nógrád)
  3. Budapest(Vigadó Galéria) (Gallery Vigadó)
  4. Budapest(Csók István Galéria) (Csók Isván Gallery)
  5. Nagymaros(Grécs Galéria) (Grécs Gallery)
  6. Sopron(Pannónia Galéria) (Pannónia Gallery)
  7. Budapest(Állami Operaház) (Hungarian State Opera House)
  8. Budapest(Magyarok Világszövetsége) (World Federation of Hungarians)
  9. Budapest(Józsefvárosi Galéria) (Gallery of Józsefváros)
  10. Budapest(Madách Színház- Tolnay Szalon) (Madách Theatre)
  11. Budapest(Gulácsy Galéria) (Gulácsy Gallery)
  12. Budapest(Bank Center)


Csoportos kiállításai/Exhibitions in groups:


Budapest, Miskolc, Szeged, Tihany, Berlin, Bécs, Graz, Frankfurt, Oslo, Stockholm, Offenburg, Antwerpen, New Orleans, Chicago, San Fransisco, Torino, London, Sydney…


Díjak: Awards


  1. Nívó díj Standard award
  2. Stúdió díj Studio award
  3. Nívó díj Standard award
  4. Nívó díj Standard award
  5. Ezüstgerely különdíj Silver-javelin special prize
  6. Ezüstgerely különdíj Silver-javelin special prize